Home From Away

Home From Away is a book of original fiddle tunes that I’ve written over the past few years. I moved to Newfoundland just over 5 years ago, so my tunes are influenced by Newfoundland music, but also draw from my experiences with a variety of styles, genres and ethnicities – notably, my experience playing Ukrainian and Greek music, bluegrass and old time fiddling, and a hint of my background in Classical music.

The tunes I write celebrate that spirit of musical globalization, and also add a female voice to the trad tune-writing tradition. This collection will also include 2 tunes composed specifically for the viola.

The purpose of this book is not only to compile tunes into a resource for both amateur and professional players who may be interested in learning the tunes, but also as an opportunity to create something beautiful that showcases something beyond the music. Local artist and illustrator Caroline Clarke agreed to come on board to create illustrations that compliment the tunes, and her work has been nothing short of stunning.