Folk Night presents Adam Ruzzo & Jon Vatcher

Date: Wednesday March 4th

Time: -

Both of these gents are making their Folk Night debut with one set each. They are solidly rooted in trad but each with their own unique style and delivery and we figure it’s going to be a good night! Hope you can join us!

Adam Ruzzo


Adam Ruzzo is a folk artist originally from the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, who has moved to to St. John’s to learn and absorb the rich musical traditions here. He has performed, written and collaborated all across the Canadian mainland from coast to coast, gathering and writing music inspired by the places he’s been. His music combines highly skilled classical guitar chops with clear tenor vocals, aimed at bringing to life the stories of the land and its people. His performances paint a picture of the whole country by combining his own music with songs from past artists such as Stan Rogers and traditional songs from Ontario and the East Coast. If you are a fan of folk music and fine guitar playing, you won’t want to miss out on his debut at Folk Night!