Folk Fest

Bernie and Robert Felix

Tucked away on the tiny Port-au-Port peninsula, in breath-taking western Newfoundland, is the even tinier community of L'Anse-à-Canards. It's inhabitants, including Bernard & Robert Felix, call their home Black Duck Brook or "Blackdebrook", spoken rapidly as one word. The people here are deeply rooted in a French ancestry little affected by Canadianization. Their music, as well as their speech, is the fruit of an old world living in rare harmony with a harsh new land. Bernard & Robert are as proud of being Newfoundlanders as they are of their French forebear. and this heritage comes forth in music that is both traditional and original. Bernard Felix's accordion has been a natural extension of his body since he first picked up at the age of nine. Even an industrial accident which crushed his right hand couldn't separate him from his accordion. Forced to amputate three fingers, doctors were able to surgically replace two, and Bernard was soon "playing at the speed of light" once more. Robert, Bernard's brother, has always had a passion for music, singing and playing the guitar at many house parties, festivals, and the local community center since the age of fifteen. With his guitar harmonizing with Bernard's accordion, the two produced music full of joy, excitement and melancholy, spanning centuries and continents. Since the summer of 2003, Robert has taken the place of Norman Formanger who played with Bernard for 9 years as the duo "Felix & Formanger" and is presently employed outside the province. Since being…

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