Bryan Piorier and Kiersten Fage

Bryan Poirier is an Acadian multi-instrumentalist and singer, from Moncton New-Brunswick, now residing in St John’s Newfoundland. A folklorist and historian, Bryan is a fiddle player and singer in New Brunswick’s Pays de la Sagouine’s, house band, Corde de Bois, and is a highly regarded Bluegrass and Country musician playing in bands including Eddy Poirier and Grassline, and Jannet McGarry and Wild Wood.

Kiersten Fage is an Australian-Canadian multi-instrumentalist and singer currently residing in St John’s Newfoundland. A graduate of McGill University’s historical performance program, and Ethnomusicology PhD Candidate and Memorial University of Newfoundland, Kiersten specializes in the folk cello stylings of Scotland, Ireland and North America. Kiersten is accomplished in a broad array of fiddle genres, fluent in both cello accompaniment and techniques for playing tunes on the cello, as well as other instruments including, mandolin, banjo and low whistles.