Francophone Performances

Date: Sunday August 11th

Time: 3:00 PM - 3:40 PM

Cat Bowring

Having moved to St. John’s two years ago, after 10 years in Paris where she sang jazz, gospel and pop-rock, Cat Bowring is now exploring Gypsy Jazz, with the talented support of pianist/accordion player Wade Tarling, completed when possible with drums and double bass.

Their repertoire, in French, English, and also a bit in Spanish and Russian, explores sometimes foot-tapping, sometimes sensually thrilling jazz, while adding a few jazz standards, and some songs about Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, where Cat grew up.

“Cat Bowring has an alluring accent and tone, controlled whether she takes it down to a whisper, or when she takes it to balls-to-the-wall soul sister/rock n’ roll blues queen. She exudes true emotion through her sound and when she pushes herself, which she frequently does, an audience will stop in their tracks and realise that they’re in the presence of something special.

In her performance, she has an “honesty” about herself. You know that you’re actually getting her, not something that she’s pretending to be.”

– Jonathan Shardlow, the Jam Professors

Wade has performed all over the world with others and as a solo pianist. His versatility has made him a sought after commodity for both recording and live situations.