Folk Fest

Colleen Power


Colleen Power is a creative force in both the Newfoundland rock and folk music scenes. Her debut album ‘Lucky You Are’, released in 2000 introduced her powerful voice and witty song writing. She comfortably embraces multiple styles in both French and English with lyrics ranging from heartfelt to comedic, political to personal. Always engaging, Colleen embraces country, folk, rock, punk, reggae and more. She has been a Newfoundland Francophone ambassador at festivals and events around Canada since the release of her debut French recording ‘Terre-Neuvienne’ in 2006. A regular on CBC Radio One, she is often commissioned to write satirical songs about current events. With multiple awards and a breadth of experience, Colleen Power is going strong as she has just released her 10th studio album, and album of Newfoundland, Irish and Celtic songs called “Raised on This”