Denis Parker


DENIS PARKER & THE MODERN SAINTS started out as a casual acoustic jam with sideman JC Clarke and Mick Davis and Elliot Dicks of St. John’s premier rock outfit the Novaks, and just kept picking up steam until the self titled debut was cut and released a few months later. Modern Saints has an explosive feel about it that that hearkens back to vintage rock and roll and the live blues albums in the old style we all love so much. It’s brooding, groove based, electric rock from the darker side of the rails. No ice, no polish, more whiskey, more shine.

As a blues duo, DENIS PARKER & JOHN CLARKE put on a tour of original Parker tunes and re workings of classic blues songs with blues history and road stories in between. The show is an all out jam session from two blues men who just really love to play the blues on acoustic guitars, with some lap dobro and slide guitar thrown in…just to keep it country!

JUG HABIT is a sojourn into the wild world of 1920s and ’30s string band music and features some of St. John’s top musicians. Denis Parker (harmonica) and Dave Rowe (mandolin) handle the vocals with Steve Hussey and Brad Power (guitars and banjo) rounding out the quartet. This outfit captures the joy and rowdiness of the style with impeccable musicianship and can suitably rock any juke joint, bar or street corner.