Folk Fest

Hayley Taylor


Hayley Taylor always knew that she wanted to be a performer, it was something she dreamt about since she was a little girl sitting in the back seat of her parent’s car composing lyrics to random songs on the radio. Hayley is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, her instruments of choice are guitar, bass, mandolin, and piano. Emerging on the music scene within the last year, she has been showcasing her singing and playing skills at various local stages, house concerts and open mics. . Hayley has a unique instinct for music and performance, enriched with a rich soulful voice and budding songwriting skills. Determination to succeed, a powerful ability to connect with the audience and an effervescent personality separates this very special artist. Hayley recently signed a multi-year recording contract with Citadel House Records in Lewisporte, Newfoundland and is set to start recording her second EP for a Fall 2018 release.