Kellie Loder Trio


There is something truly extraordinary about Juno Award–nominee Kellie Loder.

It’s there in her immensely poignant lyrics, which are set against dazzling, melodic folk/pop. And it’s there in the singer/songwriter’s electrifying live shows which simultaneously inspire profound emotion in listeners while cracking them up with sparkling anecdotes.

If Loder isn’t breaking your heart, she’s splitting your sides.

She has opened for successful artists such as Alan Doyle, Amelia Curran, and the legendary Paul Brady. Anyone who has heard Loder or watched her perform knows one thing is certain: she is a towering talent about to explode on the world stage. Witness her brilliant and emotive third album, Benefit of the Doubt, which elevates whatever subject Loder happens to be highlighting, from intoxicating love (the mesmerizing ballad “Playground”) to the exquisite pain of growing apart (the downcast “Boxes,” already a radio hit and winner of the 2017 MusicNL Video of The Year Award).