Kelly McMichael


From Peterborough ON, Kelly McMichael is known for her sultry, versatile voice and melodic sense. Her start as an “Emerging Artist” for the Peterborough Folk Festival in 2007, helped her to develop a career as keyboardist/vocalist. She has toured North America and The U.K. sharing the stage with artists such as Sarah Harmer and The Hidden Cameras while playing keys with Arts and Crafts band “Gentleman Reg” and co-fronting Pride favourite “Rouge” in Toronto.
Recently Kelly has focused on her solo projects: “Kelly McMichael and The Gloss” (featuring Steve Maloney and partner Daniel Banoub), and electro-pop band “RENDERS” (featuring multi-instrumentalist Maria Peddle). Two plus years in St. John’s has resulted in performances at/with Lawnya Vawnya, Femfest, Joanna Barker, Green and Gold, Thelma & Louise and involvement with GirlsRockNL. Alongside heavy guitars and beat-programming, Kelly enjoys an opportunity to strip away the noise and get intimate with a good song.