Folk Night Trad Session hosted by Leah Vokey Sing

Date: Wednesday February 27th

Time: 9:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Leah Vokey Sing

Leah Vokey Sing is a multi-instrumentalist, trained classically in violin, with a deep-rooted love for traditional fiddle music. Passionate about Newfoundland’s oral traditions, Leah has made it her practice to collect and pass along invaluable songs through session playing. Leah has a BFA in Visual Arts, along with four years of multidisciplinary training that includes music, visual art, dance, and acting, all of which has allowed her to thrive onstage and backstage at the Grenfell Theatre, Gros Morne Theatre Festival, Rising Tide Theatre, and many other platforms and stages across the province. Leah has created and preformed original music scores for a collection of theatre productions, including the 2017 remount of The Out Vigil written by Julie Mclsaac, directed by Tamara McCarthy, and Eat Men Like Air, written and directed by Michaela Sheldon. “Improvising music and collaborating with other musicians, actors, and artists brings me an unchallenged joy, and I look forward to meeting all the creative and passionate people in the city of St. John’s.”