Folk Fest

Libby Whiffen

Libby is now 12 years old and has been performing at school concerts, Kiwanis festivals including musical theater, songs of Newfoundland and her own compositions at open mic events and for family and friends for the past 5 years or more. She plays several instruments including guitar, piano, and violin and has been in voice lessons for approximately 5 years and is just getting into song writing. Libby is a versatile singer/musician and she loves both older music and much of the newer folk pop songs that are out there today.

Her performances are heartfelt, passionate and done with great pitch and timing. Libby performs great in front of a crowd and it’s like there’s no one else there as she gets lost in her song. Libby is looking forward to performing on the Neil Murray stage, just her and her guitar singing her favorites!

Photo Credit: Alick Tsui