Mackenzie Critch with Keegan Lawlor

Mackenzie & Keegan are both grade 9 students and have been playing together for a number of months now. They have a great passion for music as they sing and play a wide range of music from country, pop, and folk. They both have been taking lessons for over 7 years. (Mackenzie in voice, piano, and guitar; and Keegan in guitar). They recently performed together at the Up and Comers Showcase – Jack Byrne Arena, So You Think You Got Talent -City of St. John’s, Coleman’s Newfoundland Dr. They are currently booked for performances at YYT International Airport, St. Mary’s Hall, and Killick Coast Country Fair at Jack Byrne Arena.
Mackenzie performs duo with Keegan and with a 5 person band called Kenzie and Friends. Mackenzie is having many successes with her singing, and just placed first at Canadian Model Talent Convention for singing against 400 contestants from across Canada.