Main Stage Song Session featuring Ellen Power, John Koop and Maria Peddle.

Ellen Power was born in the isolated outport community of South East Bight, Placentia Bay. Although she was raised in St. John’s, she remains connected to the musical traditions of her father Pius Power Jr. and her grandfather Pius Power Sr., two well-known traditional singers from Placentia Bay. Ellen has performed at events as varied as the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival, the March Hare literary festival and the Beyond the Overpass Theatre Festival. She sings the folk ballads that have been passed down through generations of Newfoundlanders before her, using her voice to keep the old songs alive.

John Koop has been performing on and offstage most of his life, theatrically, musically and verbociously. Mostly quite unprofessionally, he is lately taken with recitations and unaccompanied ditties of eclectic breadth and width. He will be performing a “filler” recitation between sessions and then a monologue written for Ron Hynes at the Tribute.

Maria Peddle performs on fiddle, guitar and vocals with any number of local bands at any given time including the Freels and Renders to name but two.