Michael Hanrahan


Michael Hanrahan is one of Newfoundland’s most inventive vocalists and instrumentalists, and a former member of the Juno-award winning Irish Descendants.

“Mild Mannered Child” released in Fall 2017 is Michael’s third solo album. The album is a beguiling, haunting work of an artist hitting his peak form, with original songs, and carefully curated covers that focus on Michael’s transformative powers as a musician. “Mild Mannered Child” harmoniously occupies many spaces at once: past and present; traditional and imaginative; in­tricate and unassuming. This is an album that speaks in­timately to the listener, with an impact felt long after the last note is sounded; like the lingering trace of sea air on the breeze.

Michael has released two previous solo albums, “Tie Me Down” (2005), and “Freeing Lonesome Tune” (2009); as well as appearing on four albums with the Irish Descendants, “Across the Water”, “The Gift”, “Southern Shore” and “Blooming Bright Star”.