From Peterborough ON, Kelly McMichael is known for her sultry, versatile voice and melodic sense. Her start as an “Emerging Artist” for the Peterborough Folk Festival in 2007, helped her to develop a career as keyboardist/vocalist. She has toured North America and The U.K. sharing the stage with artists such as Sarah Harmer and The Hidden Cameras while playing keys with Arts and Crafts band “Gentleman Reg” and co-fronting Pride favourite “Rouge” in Toronto. Over the past couple of years Kelly has focused her efforts on her band “RENDERS”, known for feminist dance anthems that have gotten international attention and praise.
One night at a “Girlsrock NL” fundraiser at The Ship in 2017, Kelly was blown away by a performance by a local musician known well by the folk community in St Johns, Maria Peddle. Kelly was determined to add this firecracker of a multi-instrumentalist to the band, and figure out how to turn RENDERS into a collaborative project. One year later the group had much success doing a Bjork tribute for Girlsrock NL, and they are feeling very much inspired to create music together, undefined by any genres or instruments, only motivated by a deeper level of creativity and enlightenment, determined to change the St Johns music scene forever. Keep your eyes peeled.