Folk Fest


Dillon & Shana Brown, Shillon, are a brother/sister duo from Whiteway. Performing together for the last 5 years, they are continuously learning and growing as traditional musicians. At the ages of 12 and 13, they share great instrumental and vocal abilities. Shana loves her accordion but also enjoys to play concertina, Irish flute, whistle and guitar. Dillon also plays guitar and whistle, but favours his fiddle. Their sibling vocals are a treat to listen to, and they love to please their audiences with versions of well-known songs. With the first CD release, Shillon Traditions, and selections on Dave Fitz’s NL Various Artists CDs, they continue sharing their music. They look forward to the upcoming season at various local festivals such as the NL Folk Festival Neil Murray Stage and Long Hr Come Home Year, just to name a few. Check out Shillon Music on Facebook.