The Blake Sisters

The Blake Sisters began performing as an exclusive sisters group in 2008. From oldest to youngest they are Brenda, Josephine, Sherry and Tabitha. Before the group was formed each sister followed different paths in learning more about their Inuit heritage. Some took language lessons, researched old traditions online, spoke to elders, but all joined an Inuit Drum Group. It was through the drum group that they were introduced to the qilaut (Inuit drum) and throat singing. At that point a love of the art was born! The girls learned the basic methods of throat singing from the drum group but furthered their skills by listening to cd’s and videos online. This allowed them to learn different techniques of throat singing and helped in broadening their skills.
The Sisters sing in their native tongue, Inuktiut., and through the sharing of their culture they continue to follow the native ways of their ancestors.