The 8th Annual Tribute to Dr. Peter Narvaez

Date: Wednesday November 6th

Time: 10:45 PM - 11:00 PM

The 8th Annual Tribute to Dr. Peter Narvaez!

Soooooo, it’s that time of year again when all the friends and band mates begin dusting off the repertoire of Narvaez numbers and the guitarists feel that familiar ache in the forearms and harmonica dudes start thinking about maybe hitting the treadmill a bit more.

Because it’s crazy stuff folks. Anyone who had the pleasure of playing with Peter knows that you really had to be extra sharp and bring your best chops to keep up with him. He kept the best of musical company and inspired many people in many ways during his time here.

The lineup for the evening includes Neil Rosenberg, Denis Parker, Ted Rowe, Dave Rowe, Matt Hender, Steve Hussey, Brad Power, Glen Tilley, Duane Andrews, Erin Power, Dave Mundy, Callum Latta, and more to be added.

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The Low Yo Stuff

The Low Yo Stuff are veteran purveyors of the down home acoustic blues and ace musicians each and every one of them. Steve Hussey and Brad Power are two of the mightiest blues guitarists anywhere and Muddy would have had both in his band if he had the chance. Dave Rowe is known as a bassist (for everyone) and mandolin player (for Crooked Stovepipe) but in this outfit he takes over the vocals, and lays down blues mandolin!