TD Main Stage Friday Night

Date: Friday August 9th

Time: 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM

Youngtree & The Blooms

Peter Willie Youngtree’s introspective songwriting and wide-ranging musical style have drawn praise from local and national media, and were a strong draw for four career musicians who now form his band, The Blooms. A collection of folks with diverse musical influences, from Bluegrass to Classical to Klezmer and Motown, together Youngtree & The Blooms are creating alternative music that pulls together multiple genres, with a heavy Country influence. Their unusual blending of old Folk and Country motifs with modern vibes is creating a unique sound that has earned them comparisons to late 60’s Dylan, Gram Parsons, and Eric Bachmann. They released their first album, Musical Chairs (produced by Chris Kirby), together in November 2018. Growing up in rural Newfoundland, Youngtree was steeped in the Celtic tradition, first encountering live music through his folk-musician family; attending festivals, bar gigs, and kitchen parties. He could be found as a young child hiding behind couches and pianos late at night, listening to adults play and sing for hours while he was meant to be in bed, taking in music and all the tasty gossip of the town. He was quickly introduced to early Country and Rock n’ Roll through his family and then became immersed in the Alternative Rock of the early nineties through his older brothers. By the time he reached primary school, he already had an eclectic taste in music, with an audio diet ranging from Patsy Cline to Megadeth. He naturally began playing guitar at age 11, dabbling in songwriting…

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