Heather Patey

Kids’ Dance
Family Friendly Traditional Newfoundland Dance with Heather Patey: music by the Step Fiddlers This workshop is for all young scuffers who love Newfoundland tunes! Heather Patey will lead your children (age 6-12 or so) through a square or longways set-dance from the Newfoundland tradition. Come and learn Through the Woods, X’s and O’s, Round the Fencepost, and Flyovers, all to the music of the STEP Fiddlers, stars of the Neil Murray Stage. Heather Patey is a dancer and fiddler from St. John’s who has led children’s Newfoundland-dance workshops for the Suzuki Talent Education Program, Music Immersion, Young Folk at the Hall, St. John’s Farmer’s Market, and Octagon Pond Elementary. She is always excited to share the fun of Newfoundland musical traditions with young dancers and players.