Well, we are easing back into it with a few tunes for those who wish to venture out for a bit of normal life. For the time being, we will have small sessions on the stage with two or three folks sharing tunes at a time. This will allow us to maintain the recommended distancing while we get the badly needed tunes flowing again! While it is a bit different (isn’t everything though?), this format will allow for some jamming so expect a few sparks on the stage!

The Ship is at less than half capacity (50) so feel free to pop out for a casual hour or two and enjoy a bit of live music. Admission is by donation (we suggest $5) to help cover costs.
Leah Sing and Naomi Brown are lifelong musical comrades who grew up playing both folk and classical music together in the local Suzuki Talent Education Program. They have over a decade of experience playing together in ensembles of all sizes at music festivals and events across Canada. Leah and Naomi enjoy hosting sessions and sharing their love of traditional music with others.