Tunes around the table hosted by Rob Brown (Uilleann pipes) and Michelle Brophy (flutes/whistles) and the usual crowd that comes with them!

A trad powerhouse and a criminally under sung songwriter, Jim is quite simply, one of the finest.

Tunes around the table hosted by Ryan Christopher and Than Brown…

Tilley and Billy…classic tunes, razor wit and some of the finest guitar playing you’ll find anywhere.

The “Waiting for Carole” edition, this wise crackin’ and pie packin’ ensemble will hold the first set down sans herself…and then…lookout…

Shanties and Songs of the Sea! If you don’t feel like singing along on at least a chorus or two, stay home out of it!

A full evening of songs, originals and a few covers by four excellent artists and songwriters….Valmy, Carole Bestvater, Katie Baggs and Amy Collyer-Holmes.

Tunes bys. More tunes. Boobie Browne. Yes by.

Ending the year on a strong note, the final session is hosted by himself, the fleet of flute and ever wet of whistle, Sir Gerry Strong!