Tunes hosted by fiddler Naomi Brown one more time before she ships off to the mainland!

Panting, Scott and Strong. Lotsa tunes, lotsa laughs, $10 on the door and 9pm start.

First class old school trad from away. Lovely stuff , actually. $10 and 9pm.

We do have accordions…just not as many as originally planned! Whew. That was close.

Dave and Daunt on the tunes, accordion recitations and the like, as well as a blast of squeeze from Brad (and Brad) on the break!

And the usual door swag, general tomfoolery and the like. Yer invited, we start at 9.

Tunes around the table hosted by the effervescent fiddling whirlwind we call Carole. Carole Bestvater that is. $5 on the door.

Newfoundlands keepers of the bluegrass flame back for another folk night with banjos, mandolins and g-runs a plenty!

Tunes around the table hosted by Brad Klucowicz! Always a good crew when Brad hosts, feel free to join in!

Old souls doing trad from the past and future. $10, 9pm.

A cast of bluegrass characters around 1 microphone. About as good a show as can be had with money. $10, that is. 9pm sharpish.