NLFolk Online presents Andrea Monro

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NLFolk Online presents Andrea Monro

Monday October 5th 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Show Information

The online version of our venerable Wednesday night Folk Night at the Ship! A casual hang with a short opener, a featured performer, the scatter special guest and a yarn or two p’raps!

In case you see links being posted to watch, please be advised that these shows are free and you don’t need to click anything or open any accounts. Just go to our Youtube or Facebook page at 8 pm.

Please note, YouTube seems to be better quality most often. There is a glitch with Facebook so the link isn’t apparent, but will show up at 8 pm when we go live.

Both channels can be found at of course.

Artist Bio

Andrea Monro
Andrea Monro
Andrea Monro is getting older, and while she always secretly believed she was of the perfect temperament to withstand the solitary days of life during a pandemic, the past seven… Read More