Rocket Bakery will be selling coffee and treats in the small stage area at the beginning of each morning session!

In partnership with the RĂ©seau culturel francophone de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador, this tent showcases francophone performances and culture.

Jane Dennison is a dancer and dance caller who has been a big fan of the set (square) dances from Newfoundland and Labrador for nearly 30 years. These beautiful and unique dances have their roots in the folk dances of the British Isles where the early immigrants to the province originated. Concerned that the dances were being forgotten, Jane started collecting and transcribing dances 20 years ago and has worked with several communities to revive dances that were nearly lost.

Jane has led dance workshops all over the province for people aged 5 to 85. No need for experience to join the dance! Chris Bemister is a great accordion player from Torbay who will make sure your toes are tapping for the dance on Saturday evening at the Folk Festival.

Featuring intimate acoustic performances by main stage artists.

Where instruments are the primary feature and the best of local and visiting players share tunes on guitars, accordions, fiddles and more.

A space to enjoy ballads, storytelling, poetry, recitations, fairytales, tall tales and the scattered yarn.