Sunday in the Small Tents

Don’t forget about our workshops in the small stages during the morning and afternoon – Performers will be giving intimate, interactive workshops and performances in the Dance Tent, the Instrumental Tent and the Oral Traditions Tent. If you want to be even more involved, we have three participatory afternoon sessions in the Homemade Jam Tent!


1:00 – Corie Harnett with Onelvis (participatory workshop on Latin cha cha)

2:00 – Calico Steppers (performance of Newfoundland, Irish & Scottish step dancing)

3:00 – Home Front: War & Family with Phantasior (dance performance of a WWI story followed by participatory workshop)


10:00 — And Now for Something Completely Different! with Sheesham & Lotus, Eastern Owl, and the Cherwicks

11:00 — The Next Generation with the O’Byrnes, the Walshes, the Collins, Bernie Felix/Harrison Vallis, the Russells, Duane Andrews/Erin Power/Isaac Andrews, and Tom Power

12:00 — Trad Pairing with Graham Wells, Colin Carrigan, Duane Andrews, Aaron Collis, Danny Mills, Tatsu Oki, Michelle Brophy, and Rob Brown

Oral Traditions:

10:00 – Hymns for All Hands: A Sunday Morning Gospel workshop
Linda Byrne, Karla Pilgrim, Tom Power and Neil Rosenberg, Matthew Hornell

11:00 – Go, Move, Shift: Songs and Stories of Resettlement
Jim Payne, Pat Byrne, Joe Byrne

12:00 – Melodious Harmonious Maximus: Voices Joined in Perfect Harmony
Swinging Belles, Gary and Whit, The Ennis Sisters, Eastern Owl

Homemade Jam: 

1:00pm – Bluegrass Session
lead by Dave and Ted Rowe

2:00pm – Say Your Piece – Recitations and Story Jam
lead by Harry Ingram and Gary Green

3:00pm – The BIG Session – Bring Your Favourite Noise Maker
lead by Gerry Strong


See you in the park!