Traditional Newfoundland food made from risen bread dough pulled flat like a pancake, and fried. It was usually served for breakfast because with slow rising yeast, bread was mixed in the evening, allowed to rise during the night, and was baked the next day. We have taken this delicious Newfoundland treat to the next level!

Touton Lane serves a variety of stuffed toutons, namely toutons that have been cut open and filled with scrumptious ingredients, taking your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

The World’s greatest French Fries. Made in the World’s greatest city.
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Delicious home-made Indian food @ St. John’s Farmer’s Market and various pop up locations around St. John’s. Including this years Folk Festival!
Menus includes Butter Chicken, Cod Fish Curry, Lamb Curry, Beef Curry, Mixed Veggies, Chick Peas, Samosas, Pakora, Biryani and much more!