XIA-3 is an emerging instrumental fusion band based in Newfoundland that blends traditional
Chinese influences with Western post-rock grooves. The group was formed in 2022 and is
fronted by guzheng virtuoso Dr. Jing Xia with support from well-established St. John’s punk
rockers Ritche Perez on bass and Brian Downton on drums. As a professional artist and scholar,
Xia started to study the guzheng at six years old and has degrees in Music Performance (B.A.),
Arts Management (M.A.), and Ethnomusicology (Ph.D.). She is the winner of the 2022 MusicNL
Award “Rising Star of the Year,” and was just nominated for two 2023 ECMA awards:
Roots/Traditional Recording of the Year, and Global Recording of the Year.

Youngtree and Carole Bee is a brand new spinoff from Newfoundland’s rising stars Youngtree & The Blooms. On the heels of winning multiple awards for their album Musical Chairs, Youngtree & The Blooms geared up for their most ambitious tour to date when the music world ground to a halt. So, instead of playing a major folk festival with one of their heroes (John Prine, R.I.P), the frontman and violinist of Youngtree & The Blooms began arranging their catalogue for a new duo.

Youngtree’s sound has drawn comparisons to Gram Parsons and Nashville Skyline-era Bob Dylan by outlets such as Exclaim! Magazine. His songwriting craft and musical style recently earned him the honour of being awarded the MusicNL “Ron Hynes Songwriter of the Year” award in 2020.

Carole is a versatile violinist, equally at home in folk and classical genres. A sought after freelance musician, her strength is in adding sparkle and energy to every project she takes part in. She brings a creative and collaborative approach as a freestyle fiddler and singer, informed by her vast musical influences.

With a variety of musical influences ranging from Bach to Patsy Cline (and beyond!), Youngtree & Carole Bee will move your spirits with soulful songs, and make your feet dance with delightful and upbeat melodies.

Mark Cormier et Ryan Perrier sont les membres de la formation franco-terre-neuvienne, Ti-Jardin.

Mark Cormier est un auteur-compositeur-interprète de musique traditionnelle franco-terre-neuvienne depuis plus de quatre décennies. Également conteur, il s’engage à partager son amour de la musique et des contes afin de léguer ces arts traditionnels aux futures générations. Il est le membre fondateur de la formation Ti-Jardin qui a réalisé quatre albums consistant de gigues et de chansons traditionnelles françaises ou des chansons qui racontent les Franco-Terre-Neuviens. Mark a présenté sa musique et ses contes sur les scènes locales, nationales et internationales. Il est un enseignant à la retraite qui habite à Cap Saint-Georges, T.-N.-L., sa ville natale.

Ryan Perrier a commencé à jouer l’accordéon à l’âge de 16 ans avec l’aide de son mentor qu’il a choisi lui-même, Jack Cormier. En très peu de temps, il était évident qu’il avait une passion et un talent pour la musique. Depuis, il a joué son accordéon avec les frères, Mark et Jack Cormier dans plusieurs festivals. La relation entre les trois a éclairé la voie pour la réalisation la plus récente de Ti-Jardin qui met en vedette les talents de Perrier sur toutes les pistes. Ryan Perrier est originaire de St. Georges, T.-N.-L.

Mark Cormier and Ryan Perrier are both members of the Franco-Newfoundlander band, Ti-Jardin.
Mark Cormier is an author, composer and interpreter of Franco-Newfoundland music for more than four decades. Also a storyteller, he shares his love of traditional music and folk tales to pass on to future generations. He is a founding member of the band Ti-Jardin that has produced four albums consisting mainly of jigs, and French traditional songs and songs that celebrate Franco-Newfoundlanders. Mark has performed his music and folk tales on the local, national and international scenes. He is a retired teacher who resides in Cap Saint-Georges, NL, his home town.

Ryan Perrier started playing the accordion at the age of 15 with the help of his chosen mentor, Jack Cormier. Very quickly, it became apparent that he had a passion and a talent for music. He has performed at numerous festivals solo and with brothers, Mark and Jack Cormier. The relationship between the trio paved the way for Ti-Jardin’s most recent album that features Perrier’s talents on all tracks. Ryan Perrier resides in St. Georges, NL.

Valmy is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Ontario who has been following the ocean and finding home on the East Coast. In the weaving of melodic swells and atmospheric harmonies, she explores humanhood, navigates grief, and greets forms of healing. Now based in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Valmy uses her folk-influenced music to tell stories about loving and stumbling your way through the dark. While working towards her debut full-length album, Valmy continues to create and perform from a place of honesty and wonder, to let the light in.


Port-Aux-Poutines, formed in 2022, is a French-Canadian duo based in St. John’s,
Newfoundland. Previously solo artists, Jenna Maloney and Axel Belgarde founded the group as
a unique opportunity to explore each other’s cultures through song.

Axel Belgarde is an MSc student in acoustics at Memorial University, originally from
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec. He is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and
producer, holding a college degree in classical music from Cégep de Saint-Laurent, and a
university degree in music production from Université Laval. For the past 10 years, he has been
performing in various bars, festivals, and events in his home province and across the country.
His solo releases include Axima (2017) and Bra-Ket (2022). These self-produced albums
explore modern styles, while maintaining the influences of traditional music. Since moving to
Newfoundland, Axel has worked with many local artists and groups. Recent collaborations
include producing, mixing, mastering, and arranging for duo Fine Lads (2021) on their singles
“Come From Away”, “Christmas in Killarney”, and “O Holy Night”, and was the sound technician
for the group (2021-2022). He also plays upright bass for jazz ensemble The Basement Quartet
(since 2022), and is the sound technician for NL Latin Band (since 2022).

Jenna Maloney is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and third year MUN French student
from St. John’s. She has performed in various festivals and shows around Newfoundland,
including the NL Folk Festival, FOVP Lantern Festival, George Street Festival, Music NL Week,
East Coast Music Week, and several Tada Events and Opera on the Avalon productions. Aside
from her work as a solo artist, she has also been a part of multiple groups, most notably as the
bassist for Conway (2016-2022), as well as having mentored numerous youth bands with
Fergus O’Byrne’s Young Folk at the Hall (since 2016). She also shared the stage with Tarahan
and Sullivan’s Songhouse during the 2018 Gathering Festival in Southeast Ireland. In 2021, she
released her debut Christmas single, “evergreen”. Most recently, Jenna participated in the 46th
Annual NL Folk Festival and MUN Welcome Week with Axel Belgarde, where they performed
sets exploring the history of French-Canadian music.

Port-Aux-Poutines fuses the traditions of the duo’s home provinces, and revives the French
music of Newfoudland. By covering the works of French Newfoudlanders such as Émile Benoit
and Willy Robin, the group pays tribute to the francophone music of this province and the
heritage of the Port au Port peninsula. Through original lyrics and melodies, those of other
artists, and translations of traditional Newfoundland songs, Port-Aux-Poutines celebrates the
diversity of French-Canadian culture.

School of Rock St John’s House Band is a high energy professional group of talented and rising youth NL Rockstar’s. These St John’s area youth artists are as passionate and crazy about Rock’n’roll as they are fun and entertaining to watch. With an extensive multi-decade Rock’n’roll repertoire these young local musicians will get you moving, smiling, clapping, and singing to some great classics! With more than four hours of formal supervised practice each week and 1000+ licensed songs; these young Rockstars are perfectly equipped to help fill your venue and make your next festival or event, a huge success that people will talk about for months! Perfect for family entertainment at bars/pubs/hotels/stadiums or outdoor events with a stage, a grill or restaurant. Give us 110-volt power and we will rock your guests!

Port-Aux-Poutines est un duo francophone basé à Saint-Jean, Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador, formé par Jenna Maloney et Axel Belgarde. Depuis 2022, le duo fusionne les traditions musicales canadiennes-françaises et terre-neuviennes. À travers des chansons originales, des chansons folkloriques, ainsi que des traductions de chansons terre-neuviennes, Port-Aux-Poutines célèbre la diversité de la culture canadienne-française, raconte des récits et légendes de la province, et célèbre l’héritage et le patrimoine de la francophonie à Terre-Neuve.

Port-Aux-Poutines is a French-Canadian duo based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, formed by Jenna Maloney and Axel Belgarde. Since 2022, Port-Aux-Poutines fuses French-Canadian and Newfoundland musical traditions. Through original songs, folk songs, as well as translations of Newfoundland songs, the band celebrates the diversity of French-Canadian culture, tells stories and legends of the province, and celebrates the heritage of Francophonie in Newfoundland.