It’s our Valentines episode. Call it a “Lovestream” if you will!

Anyway, for this one our musical guest will be Larry Foley and he’ll be spinning all the love songs and tear jerkers, we’ll have the usual updates on breaking news and events and getting even more comfortable in our new space!

This episode is sponsored by our friends at Wool Trends, supplies for those that knit…drop by for a yarn why don’t ya.

So pleased to have Jing back in the Broadside studio! This will be the solo acoustic warmup before Wednesdays electric version “XIA-3” at the Ship! Magic and fire here, friends. Magic and fire.

We’ll blame the new moon and February Flu which has the Folk on hold for tonight. But we’ve got some great shows coming up, so take your vitamins and stay well and we’ll be back next week with the next episode of the Broadside! And don’t fret(board), Sandy Morris will still be joining us in the studio -now on March 6th.

To tide you over until then, get your weekly tune supply at Folk Night!

A lovely pairing of songstress Andrea Monro and guitar ace Craig Young, this is one for fans of classic country styles and of course, fine guitar picking!

The first edition of the BroadSLIDE! Yessir, mesself and the one and only Sandy Morris are going to bring along a few special axes and spend the hour talking about slide guitar. Not too shabby for a Monday!

Karla Pilgrim, live in studio!

We couldn’t be happier to feature Pamela Morgan live on the Broadside. Amazing.

The man, the myth, the legend,  the Snowman himself drops by to play a few cuts from his brand new double disc release!