The mighty wrecking crew of Maria, Boobie, Brad and Brad will be shredding the tunes form the stage tonight folks. If you know…well, you know. If you don’t know…well, it’ll take too long to tell ya. Two sets of stunning instrumental fire, live at the Ship! Maybe guests too…who knows….

Fionn (Shea, that is) is back in town and hosting the tune session this week!

Just the man to inspire us through the bleak gales of February. Might need a rum special to go with the shipwrecks and floggings…

Dave and Daunt on the tunes, accordion recitations and the like, as well as the usual door swag, general tomfoolery and the like!

Ending the year on a strong note, the final session is hosted by himself, the fleet of flute and ever wet of whistle, Sir Gerry Strong!

The bys. Luh.

Tunes around the table hosted by Rob Brown (Uilleann pipes) and Michelle Brophy (flutes/whistles) and the usual crowd that comes with them!

A trad powerhouse and a criminally under sung songwriter, Jim is quite simply, one of the finest.