UPDATE on NL Folk Festival Tickets

As much as we wanted to have tickets on sale by March 1st, we have to push the date back to March 15th so that we can get the Friday night headliner’s contract finalized and have all our folk ducks in a row! 

We have already announced artists Emmylou Harris, The Ennis Sisters, De Temps Antans, and there are SO many more amazing acts to come!

We have lots of necessary changes happening at this year’s Folk Festival, that we will be addressing between now and Festival time. We’ll also be addressing the north end of the park’s daytime offerings, providing a simple site map for the Main Stage area and the licensed/unlicensed area, and other discussing other facts as we return to the full park use for this year’s Folk Fest.

When tickets go on sale on March 15th (at noon), you can find the link to them on the Festival page, or the ‘Get Tickets’ link at the top of the page.