Now Introducing…. Young Folk at the Camp!

We are pleased to be introducing a brand new opportunity called “Young Folk at the Camp” (YFATC) for young musicians for the Year of the Arts! 

For the Year of the Arts, the Newfoundland & Labrador Folk Arts Society has received funding from CelebrateNL and the Government of NL to offer a camp during Easter week (April 2-6) 2024! This program will take place from April 2-6, 2024 during the Easter school break. 

For those of you who are familiar with Young Folk at the Hall, we are looking at following that layout for the afternoons and provide workshops for students instruments of choice for the mornings. We will be enlisting professional artists who are experts in their areas based on the interests and needs presented by participants. Here is a link for those of you who would like to have a better idea of the Young Folk at the Hall program.

Here are a few “need to knows”…

  • Dates: The Camp will take place at MacDonald Drive Jr. High from the Tuesday-Friday of the Easter week with a concert on the afternoon of the Saturday 
  • Songwriting Intensive: As part of the camp, we will be offering a special opportunity for young songwriters. To take part in this intensive, folks are required to submit a sample of their writing (either written lyrics, recording, or video) to Rosemary (contact provided below). Young writers who are accepted into this intensive will forego the regular instrument workshops and spend the mornings working with a different guest songwriter every day of the camp. 
  • Timeline: From April 2-5, the day will run from 9am-3pm and then on Saturday, April 6, there will be an afternoon concert. 
  • Fees: Thanks to our funding from CelebrateNL, Year of the Arts, and the Canadian Folk Music Awards, we are able to offer this camp for the low cost of $25/day equalling $100 for the week. If you are unable to pick your child up at 3pm, we are offering a jam session that will run from 3-5pm for students who need to stay late. The fee for this will be an additional $10 per hour. During these challenging times, however, if this cost prohibits you from being able to register for this camp, we have scholarships available, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to Rosemary. 
  • Food: Participants are responsible for bringing their own food and water bottles. Please ensure that participants have enough food and snacks to get through the full day.

If you have any suggestions or questions that are not addressed in the form, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Rosemary at to discuss things further.

Check out the schedule of events below!