Kelly McMichael


Kelly McMichael is known for her sultry, versatile voice and melodic sense. Her start as an “Emerging Artist” for the Peterborough Folk Festival in 2007, helped her to develop a career as keyboardist/vocalist. She has toured North America and The U.K. sharing the stage with artists such as Sarah Harmer and The Hidden Cameras while playing keys with Arts and Crafts band “Gentleman Reg” and co-fronting Pride favourite “Rouge” in Toronto.

In recent years Kelly has focused her efforts on her band “RENDERS”, known for catchy sounds and underlying feminist themes that have gotten international attention and praise. Using her mother’s last name feels appropriate for the content which ranges from sassy “moving on” dance songs to angry “Take Back the Night” anthems, to soul-bearing softer songs about mental health struggles.

Inspired to break down barriers and expectations by experimenting with a variety of genres and instruments, Kelly constantly challenges herself to evolve, sometimes collaborating with local Maria Peddle who is an equally versatile and powerful performer. RENDERS features self-produced beats and synths, and Kelly will sometimes stick to her given name and do her stripped down guitar or piano-driven songs. A new album is in the making with no official project name or release date yet. Stay tuned in 2019, and in the meantime catch Kelly / Renders downtown St Johns at The Ship, The Blacksheep, The RockHouse or with other local bands JOHN (Joanna Barker), and Thelma & Louise.