Folk Fest

The Ennis Sisters


With multiple accolades – a Juno Award, SOCAN Award, multiple East Coast Music Awards, and Music Newfoundland and Labrador Awards, The Ennis Sisters, comprised of Maureen, Teresa and Karen Ennis, are world renowned, celebrated songbirds. With their buttery harmonies, and voices as powerful as the Atlantic, it’s in their bones to sing.

Keeping Time
– A concept album, produced by internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter/musician/author/actor, Alan Doyle, about our most precious gift of time and what we’ve decided to do with it. It’s about the passing of time, the loss of traditions, the things we do to hold to what matters most and what we’ve done to preserve it. At the end of our lives, when the edges of our memories are fraying and we are falling in and out of time, hopefully, looking back, we’ll feel we lived our lives well, with little regret, and even the time wasted along the way was worth it for the lessons learned.

Maureen plays Stonebridge Guitars (
Karen plays Michael Burke Whistles (